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Revolutionary Tongue Drum with all harmonics tuned. The instrument in a ligue of its own!

• 9 Notes

RAV VAST drum is an instrument in a ligue of its own. It has a unique sound quality due to the fact that up to 4-5 harmonics on the each tongue are tuned. On the central note there are 7 harmonics tuned. The complex shape of the tongues was calculated on the computer software in order to achieve the precise tuning of partials on each tongue and eliminate random harmonics. So it's not only a wonderful instrument but also a piece of advanced high technologies. The drum is loud enough to play outdoors. You can get your first sounds on it in a matter of minutes. The tongues are tuned to one scale which makes it very easy for beginners to start with.

• 20 Scales

We have 20 different sound models available. RAV Drum was invented by Russian engineer and developer Andrey Remyannikov. Early prototypes were made in 2013. The successful story of the RAV begun in 2015 when Andrey and Nadishana met for the first time on a concert of Nadishana-Kuckhermann-Metz trio in Perm and Andrey presented the RAV to Nadishana.The instrument became worldwide popular half yearl later, in 2016, when "Zero Density" video by Nadishana came out. Nowadays RAV is in big demand among very different audiences. Calming character of the RAV sound makes it perfect tool for the sound healing therapists or a great background for the yoga classes. The precise tuning of the partials on the tongues and cinematic ambiance which the sound of RAV creates makes it a big friend of modern composers. The endless potential of melodic finger percussion and new array of fascinating sounds never heard in a realm of acoustic instruments attracts professional musicians. The relaxing tones and simplicity of approaching the RAV makes it indispensable for personal use and recreation activities, weather you want just relax with gorgeous sounds or have a joy of playing music in a simple and intuitive way without complex practice methods and struggle of getting your first sound which is often happens with other musical instruments.

RAV Vast — Scales & Prices

How to buy RAV Drum

Step 1
Choose your scale and accessories. Add items to the cart.

Step 2
Order. Enter the required information in the cart.

Step 3
Payment. Make the payment via PayPal or Credit Card

Step 4
Delivery. After production, we will ship your drum and provide links for tracking.

FAQs about RAV Drum

We offer 2 models: RAV VAST (1.5mm steel) and RAV VAST2 (2mm steel).
RAV VAST2 is made from thicker steel and it's approx. 15% louder then RAV VAST, but has a bit less overtones. Both models has nice long sustain.
Please note:
- VAST2 is not an improved model of the instrument. It's just a variation with slightly different tone. Some scales works on 1,5mm steel and some works better on 2mm steel.
- It's not technically possible to make VAST scales on VAST2.
- VAST and VAST2 is the same price.
The RAV Vast is about 4.9kg, and the Vast 2 is about 5.9kg. The models are scale related. To hear the examples of the sound of the each model please scroll up this page.
Material: 1.5 - 2 mm steel (depending on the scale)
Cover: thin hydrophobic covering, requires periodic wiping.
Weight - 4.9-5.9 kg like handpans.
Size: 51 cm, height :17 cm. Color is dark-green.
We have a simple advice for you: please listen to all the samples and find which one you like the most. Usually the one you enjoy listening the most is the one you will enjoy playing the most! If you need to find the compatible tuning for the instrument you already have, please do the following: start the video and try to play along with it on your instrument.
We recommend G Pygmy, B Celtic or D Major - the most popular scales among beginners.
We sent you your tracking number, you can use it here and check delivery status. If you haven't got your number, please contact us.
We have some models available for immediate shipping. Other ones will take about 2-4 weeks after the payment.
Unless you're playing with hammers, or anything besides your hands, our instruments should never go out of tune. But in the case that they do go out of tune, they can be re-tuned
Shipping is calculated during checkout process. Shipping price for one RAV is:
Europe (Zone 1) - 58 EUR;
USA, Japan (Zone 2) - 70 EUR;
Taiwan (Zone 3) - 84 EUR;
Australia, Africa, New Zealand (Zone 4) - 97 EUR;
Honduras (Zone 5) - 116 EUR.
Those RAVs sounds good together:
1)A Integral + D Celtic Minor
2)A Integral + C Golden Gate
3)E Low Pygmy + B Celtic Minor (or B RUS, B Celtic Double Ding)
4)A RUS + D Major
5)B Celtic Minor (or B RUS, B Celtic Double Ding) + D Major
6)E Low Pygmy + B Celtic Minor + D Major
7)G Pygmy + D Major (not all notes are fit together but it's an interesting combination)
8)G Pygmy + D Celtic Minor
9)G Minor Pentatonic + D Celtic Minor


RAV Vast Pygmy, Germany
Nadishana is a siberian multi-instrumentalist, composer and instrument designer.
RAV Vast A Integral, Germany
Plays Handpan & RAV Vast, middle eastern percussion, educator.
RAV Vast G Pygmy, Italy
Rav Vast / HandPan Player / drummer, percussionist


Hi Nadishana, yesterday the RAV VAST 2 Pygmy arrived. It is exactly as beautiful as i hoped it would be :-) I am sure, soon i will be addicted playing it. But that´s alright, because it´s a very nice addiction . I want to thank you again for your inspiring youtube videos, because these are the reasons why i was trusting in this Instrument. Maybe sometime you will see me also on a youtube video playing the RAV VAST..... happy and thankfull........................ Stefan :-)
Stefan Wilhelm
Hi Nadishana, RAV VAST received today... Thanks a million.... sounds are so deep and so sweet https://www.facebook.com/jeanclaude.dusse.3532/videos/787898791349376/ All the best Arnaud
Dear Nadishana, I purchased the RAV VAST A Integral and G Pygmy. Everything went really well with shipping - the instruments arrived in perfect condition and I am really happy with them! I already have 2 original Swiss Panart Hangs in my collection, but the RAV VAST is one of the best instruments I have ever played! The sound is very colourful and lifts my spirit to a new dimension, nothing I have experienced so far.Thank you a lot, Nadishana for the great service and Andrej Remjannikov for the instrument!
Werner Baumgartel
The RAV is really incredible! It's not only a music instrument with an amazing sound, it's an outstanding beautiful piece of art! And it's really sounding like in the videos! There are no additional effects, as far as I can tell. Thanks so much to you Nadishana, for that you make it possible that the RAV is available here in Germany. Keep sharing the mystical sounds! Ingo
Ingo Donat
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