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Hang/Handpan vs. RAV Drum

The answer is simple: they’re both belong to melodic finger percussion, but they’re different instruments like for example guitar and sitar. There’s different production technology involved: RAV has tongues which are cut, and handpan has tone fields which are hammered on the solid piece of metal. Handpan has 2 partials on each tone field tuned, while RAV has from 4 till 7 partials on each tongue tuned. RAV has much longer sustain then handpan and the character of the sound is different.
If you’re handpan player looking to expand your array of sounds, the RAV is great choice for you. Some people prefer the sound of RAV over the handpan. It’s of course matter of taste and your goals. The price factor is also important. Good handpan is about twice more expensive then RAV and also relatively hard to get. All good handpan makers has now the waiting lists while the RAV is a very consistent quality and you can get it in a matter of days or few weeks.

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