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FAQ about RAV Drum

We often get these common questions:

Q: Will the RAV go out of tune?

A: Unless you’re playing with hammers, or anything besides your hands, our instruments should never go out of tune. But in the case that they do go out of tune, they can be re-tuned.

Q: How much is the shipping?

A: Shipping price for one RAV is: Europe – 58 EUR; USA, Japan – 70 EUR; Taiwan – 84 EUR; Australia, Africa, New Zealand – 97 EUR; Honduras – 116 EUR.

Q: How long will it take to get my instrument after purchasing it?

A: The time it takes to create each instrument is different because each RAV is tuned by hand, but on average it takes from 1 till 2 months to finish an instrument. That’s not considering the shipping time though.

Q: How about customizations (colour, tunung, material, etc.)?

A: Custom options are not available because we don’t want to take a risk in some unknown experiments. Every scale we offer is selected from popular scales and modified (has lower key in comparison with handpans) to make it sound as good as possible on a RAV.

Q: Which model is the best for beginners?

A: All of our tunings are suitable for beginners except Onoleo (being the eastern scale it could be tricky to approach for western person). If you have some doubts, we recommend the G Pygmy, A Integral or B RUS (it is our personal preference). You will LOVE it!

Q: How can I choose the right model?

A: Please listen to the demo videos and find the model which speaks with you the most (which you love hearing the most). You will love to spend time with it when you’ll get it! If you need to find the compatible tuning for the instrument you already have, please do the following: start the video and try to play along with it on your instrument.

Q: I want to order two (three) compatible RAVs, can you recommend the models which works together?

A: Those RAVs sounds good together:
1)A Integral + D Celtic Minor
2)A Integral + C Golden Gate
3)E Low Pygmy + B Celtic Minor (or B RUS, B Celtic Double Ding)
4)A RUS + D Major
5)B Celtic Minor (or B RUS, B Celtic Double Ding) + D Major
6)E Low Pygmy + B Celtic Minor + D Major
7)G Pygmy + D Major (not all notes are fit together but it’s an interesting combination)
8)G Pygmy + D Celtic Minor
9)G Minor Pentatonic + D Celtic Minor

Q: Do you offer a bag for the RAV?

A: Yes. Alternatively you can also order yourself a frame drum or cymbal bag with some of the following sizes: Dia=51cm, Height=16-18cm.

Q: Do you make internal mic/pick ups to amplify the RAV?

A: No, the RAV is completely acoustical at the moment. But unlike the handpan it’s very easy to amplify with the contact mic. We would recommend AKG C 411 mic. You can put it on the wooden plug on the bottom.

Q: Why E Low Pygmy model is more expensive?

A: E Low Pygmy has very large tongues which are too big for the size of the shell. So they are very hard to tune. Approximately half of Low Pygmys is not up to our standart and they end up in a dust bin. We deliver to you only the best sounding instruments. The quality control is very strict, all instruments can be used for professinal work such as studio recordings or stage performances.


FAQ about the RAV Vast and Vast2:

Q: Is VAST2 an improved model of the instrument?

A: VAST2 is not an improved model of the instrument. It’s just
a variation with slightly different tone. Some scales works on 1,5mm steel
and some works better on 2mm steel.

Q: Is it possible to make Vast scale on 2mm steel?

A: No, it’s not technically possible to make VAST scales on VAST2.

Q: How heavy is the Vast and Vast 2?

A: The RAV Vast is about 4.9kg, and the Vast 2 is about 5.9kg.

Q: Do I need to put anti-rust products on the RAV?

A: We would recommend you to treat your drum with this wax-containing composition.
You can also use any waxes for the car, building wax for decorative plaster and wax based
compositions for the protection of wood in the sauna. You need to use the wax if you wet
your drum or if you take it in humid environment. Wait until your wax dries and wipe it with cloth.

Q: Are the RAV Vast and Vast2 loud enough to play outside?

A: Yes, the RAV Vast is about 15% quieter than a handpan, but sounds warmer. Where as the RAV Vast2 is the same loudness as a handpan.

Q: How long does it take to learn to play these instruments?

A: All models of the RAV have sensative notes, so beautiful sound is easily achieved by any level of experience players.

Q: Why do RAV Drums sounds so great?

A: Our instruments all have a BIG Ding, and 8-9 notes in a circle. The Ding alone has SEVEN tuned partials, and each of the notes in the circle have FOUR-FIVE of them. This is why the RAV has the most reach and harmonious sound among all similar drums in the world.

Q: Why are there different cutouts among the different RAV’s?

A: Each cutout is uniquely designed to enhance the sound of our instruments, and allow for the tuning of different partials.

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